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The 5 Components of Recovery

  1. DECISION -  I make the decision to get serious about recovery! See Joshua 24:15

  2. POSITIVE PEER CHOICE - I will surround myself with people who are serious about my life change and who will encourage me. See Psalm 1:1

  3. ACCOUNTABILITY​​ - I will hold myself accountable for my actions and decisions based on my life-plan.  I will make myself accountable to others who can help me evaluate my progress and help me to be responsible for personal inventory.  See Romans 14:12.

  4. BOUNDARIES -  I will learn the word "no" and understand that there are people i must not see and places where I must not go.  See Jeremiah 5:22.

  5. CONSISTENCY - I understand that it's not how I start my Life-plan that matters, but how consistent I am in the implementation!  I realize that recovery and discipleship are for a lifetime.  See Matthew 24:13.

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