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  • Insight Group
    Pictures life-controlling problems as a downward spiral that pull the person down, then presents the character qualities found in 2 Peter 1:3-11 as the path to Christian character. · Helps prepare people for meaningful relationships at home, work, and church.. · Surfaces people for help who may otherwise never seek help. · Helps break down segregation of people in churches, turning “those people” and “our kind of people” into just “us”.
  • Free To Grow
    Contains 12 sessions that help participants move beyond the setbacks and problems that hinder the spiritual development. · Shows how our lives are shaped by our experiences in early life. · Shows that are emotional and spiritual development is often hindered by rejection which manifests itself in many forms. · Shows the past to growth in Christ. · Prepares participants for the Appropriate Ministry phase.
  • Stepping Into Freedom
    Contains 13 sessions to help those struggling with life-controlling problems (drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual addiction, gambling or workaholism) · Supports a person’s desire to maintain a life free of life-controlling problems · Helps a person develop roots and steadfastness in Christ so that one can confidently master the problems faced in daily living.
  • Concerned Persons
    Contains nine sessions for those who want to help a loved one who struggles with a life-controlling problem. · Designed for the many people have a current or past relationship with a person who has a life-controlling problem. · Emphasizes the need with all have for each other. · Helps people focus in Christ rather than on the problem.
  • Anger: Our Master Or Our Servant
    Contains nine sessions to help you prevent anger from controlling your life. · Provides a clear explanation of anger, what causes it, and how to recognize when you’re sinning with anger. · Helps you control angering in marriage and family relationships · Gives being steps towards managing anger.
  • Understanding Depression
    Contains nine sessions that give an understanding of what depression is and a strategy to deal with it. · Understanding of the relationship between depression and spiritual warfare, i.e., why maintaining a relationship with Jesus can be so difficult. · Ways to fight depression with the weapons of Scripture, prayer and mutual support · Understanding the special prayer needs of depressed persons · Bible-based coping skills · How to pray for healing and what to expect
  • Facing Fear, Finding Faith"
    Contains 10 sessions to help those controlled by anxiety, fear, and worry. · Guidance in the use of Scripture to build faith · Biblical coping methods for facing fear · Comfort to those facing fear · Help for anyone ministering to those who are being controlled or held back by anxiety, fear, and worry
  • Handling Loss & Grief
    Nine Sessions As a person goes through this group they will be able to identify what the Bible has to say about handling grief. To grieve is human; how to grieve Christianly is supernatural. It requires us to invite the Holy Spirit to guide us through the grieving process. This booklet also provides guidance in the use of Scripture to help the grieving. It offers biblical coping methods for facing loss of a loved-one or a friend and comfort to those who have faced loss. This guide primarily provides assistance to those who have suffered loss through death, but also provides help for anyone ministering to those experiencing a "little death" in life: divorce, loss of job, etc.
  • Plugged-In
    This is an ongoing, weekly group for those in recovery from life-controlling issues (nost especially those just coming into Drug Court). It is intended to be a place for newcomers to engage in a small group until a new group for Stepping Into Freedom has started that they can move to.
  • Breaking Free
    3 five weeks studies on Addiction; Exposing The Nature of Addiction, Confronting Toxic Denial, and Understanding Grief & Addiction. Each book breaks down the topic and shows how God can help you through your Recovery
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